Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winter Clothes for Cheap!

It's been hot and humid here lately, which makes one really feel like not looking at wintery type clothes, but there are sure a lot of great deals on them right now.
Yesterday I bought 5 pairs of The First Years fleece blanket sleepers for $1.88 each at Target. Each had two coordinating footed blanket sleepers- less than $1 for each cute footed sleeper.
Browsing online, I found many sweaters, jackets, and other cold weather wear items. Old Navy, Gap, and JCPennys had lots of really great deals online. I visited Kohl's yesterday as well and found racks and racks of winter items on clearance.
If you're headed to an actual Old Navy store, check out to find an in-store coupon to save even more. The site is updated each week with new coupons (look out for a $75 off of $100 purchase- I've yet to look when one has been available, but I keep hoping)