Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pinned and Did

Here are two things that I did recently that I first saw on Pinterest.

The kitkat and m&m cake.  This cake looked so good!  I thought I'd never have a reason to make it but then I volunteered to make a cake for a church event with a birthday theme.  It was to be centerpiece and dessert.  I should have taken a few pictures while putting it together.  I intended to make a two layer cake, but the two layers didn't turn out very big.  I ended up using two boxes of cake mix, making three layers (a small, a medium, and a large).  Next time (of course when the kids saw it, they wanted me to make that cake for their birthdays) I'll probably use a smaller dimension pan to get taller cake with one box.  The cake was a big hit.

before: this horse was headed for the trash can
after: all the ponies wanted a visit to the doll salon

Crazy tangle doll hair gets tamed with water and fabric softener.  The funny thing is that I had a mostly empty bottle of fabric softener collecting dust and I wondered what I could do with it.