Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Entry Closet? Pantry? Mudroom? Command Central? Yes!

A few months ago, I started looking into options for redoing our entryway closet. This closet is right by our front door which is also right by our kitchen. It was not being very well utilized in it's original configuration (big wire shelf across the length of closet, some stuff hanging from wire shelf, and lots of junk tossed in where it stayed until it fell down). We had coats, out of season storage, overflow kitchen items, a stroller, recycling bin, and various other papers and stuff. We still have most of that stuff in it now but it looks way, way better now! And you're much less likely to have stuff fall on your head when you open the closet.

Before, yikes!

I decided on the Antonius system from Ikea. Using a piece of graph paper, a tape measurer, and the info sheet of Antonius components from Ikea, I devised a plan. Then months went by, then our Ikea actually got the white colored parts in stock (the originals are all silver, the new ones are white) and I purchased the parts. With Bob's help, I took down the old rails, patched the walls, painted the walls (they sure were scuffy!) and put up the new system. (I must confess, Bob did most of the wall drilling into parts) We decided to get one more shelf and we bought some cute storage containers to get things organized. I did the organizing part.


Now everything has a place. Office supplies, mailing supplies, art supplies, and more can be found on the desk. The storage bin labeled "plastic" has plastic storage containers. The one labeled "paper" has paper towels, paper plates, and bowls.
Out of season storage (one side says winter, the other summer) is tucked up on a high shelf in the corner.

That's where you'll also find extra warehouse food boxes, our Sunday bags, and the kids sidewalk chalk (they ended up with an awful lot of sidewalk chalk this year!) Right now hats and bike helmets live in this basket. In the winter, it will be home to boots, hats, and gloves. The bin below has emergency gear.


IKEA- Antonius Storage System in white (to make it fit in our closet and using various width components, I used five 35 3/8" wall uprights. Also used- desk top with legs, one wire shelf with bracket, two 11" shelves with brackets, one 14 3/8" shelf and brackets, and clothing rod.
Emu set of two silver storage boxes with lids (2 sets)
Kardemumma pot plant (the pen holder)

Walmart.com-Sterilite Jumbo Ultra Baskets set of 6 (three used here)

Goodwill- candleholders

Michaels- Sticky Alpha Stax letter stickers for labels (I also used the waxed paper letter shapes that came off the backs for the labels with white letters)

The large bin on the floor is also a sterilite bin I got at Target a few years ago. The lid was green, but I painted it white.
The three drawer plastic storage on the desk is also sterilite possibly from Walmart

*update* We had a slight problem with the center piece coming out of the wall. Bob got some new anchors that reach out behind the wall board and grab a hold. We also moved a couple of the heavier things down to the bottom. Attaching stuff to studs is always best, but as this is a shared wall with our neighbors, there aren't any wooden studs in it (just metal). It seems to be holding up great now!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Super Cheap Button Bracelet

Going through the small bag of recycled buttons I bought at Michael's last year, I found these pretty black buttons. I thought they'd make a pretty bracelet. But I'd have to buy some elastic string or something. Then I remembered, I'd just bought the girls some flip flops on clearance for next year from Target. They had that stretchy stringlike elastic stuff tying them together (seems like nearly every shoe at Target has that keeping them together). I strung the buttons on randomly (there were larger and smaller ones), tied the elastic, cut off the excess and ta-da! I think it took me longer to sort all of these buttons from the rest than it did to make this bracelet.