Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The first project- Kitchen Cabinet Liners

Teal countertops, teal floor tile, teal in the wall paper, teal shelf liner- the previous owners had a thing for teal I guess.

When we did the final walk through of the new house with our realtor she asked me, what are you going to do first? Having helped us buy and sell our first house, she knew of our diy ways. My answer was to take down the wallpaper. That project is long from over at this point, but I did get something else done.

The kitchen cabinets were dusty and greasy. I cleaned them out since we needed to be able to put stuff in them. I pulled out the old shelf liners, cleaned the cabinets inside and out, and put cork shelf liner in all of the drawers. I used this black, padded shelf liner stuff on the lazy susan and the bottom of this other cabinet. I love the look of the cork liner in the white drawers. Cork is what we used inside our old cabinets. We bought the cork liner at Lowes. It's also available at Home Depot or even Michael's. I must confess that I haven't finished the upper cabinets yet. I decided that I would use white shelf liner for the upper cabinets. The cork seems to work best in closed in spaces (like the inside of a drawer) rather than folded over the edge of an open shelf. I cleaned the upper cabinets, but ran out of gas to get all the white shelf liner cut. It is non adhesive like the black stuff, so hopefully it will stay in place well enough, but be easy to take out and clean if needed.

The cork covers a multitude of sins. The little drawer had knives in it before and was totally messed up by them. Can't tell any more!

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  1. I love the lazy susan liner. How did you do it? I cannot find pre-cut liners for mine.