Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Way to Save Money

I've found in my quest to save money on things I buy that my efforts sometimes back fire. Becoming too aware of great deals here and there some times cause me to buy more things than I might have in the first place. Some times a good strategy for saving money is just not spending any. Obviously that only works for a little while but sometimes you end up just not buying that thing you needed and that was such a good deal any way.


  1. So, so true!! Life is about tradeoffs. My sister told me she bought 3 not so good DVD's from the walmart rack. She felt she wasted $15. Sometimes just buying the one thing you want saves you more than buying a bunch of things you didn't really want anyway .

  2. The one exception to that is if it is something you really do need and can use over time... I.e. School supplies, lotions, clothes ahead of season. There have been many times as my kids have grown that I've been grateful to already have needs on hand.

  3. But, you know, that rush of getting a good deal is so great! The rush is even better when it is something we were planning to buy anyway. Over the years I've learned to continually ask myself if it something I would really want or buy anyway. Because otherwise I just end up with unwanted returns!