Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year! Doing Stuff in 2011- house goals

I'm excited for 2011. I have a lot of hopes for this year. We're hoping to list our house for sale this spring but we sure do have a lot to do to get there!

Projects to finish

half bath

basement stairs


kitchen odd jobs- trim under granite, trimming out the new upper cabinet, recaulking some areas

Projects to both start and finish

install laminate floor on the entire main floor

declutter, declutter, declutter (that one is ongoing and never really ends)

paint walls and trim in various locations

do something about the backyard- new back porch (mini deck?), drainage, transform the ugly into pretty (or at least less ugly)

do something about the front steps and railing- cracked cement and rusted metal railing need some help

hire someone to replace the upstairs carpet

clean, clean, clean like mad (another one that's ongoing and never really ends)

pack, pack, pack (also ongoing, since we've started babystepping it, but this one is finite, yay!)

Finishing touches:
I want to make all the storage areas look super organized (selling the lifestyle right?)
I'm going to buy a curved shower rod and a nice new curtain for the bathroom (much cheaper than a new tub and surround!)
While our house is on the market, I'm planning for us to live out of suitcases and pretend like our bathroom is a communal bathroom you have to bring your stuff in and out of every time you use it. I'm also planning to set the girls room back up as a master bedroom (since it is really) and just have the girls share our queen sized bed in there. Bob and I will get a full sized bed in the little room (the realtor suggested a smaller bed to make the room look bigger). Most of our stuff will be in storage, oh yeah! I hope we can sell quickly!

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