Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So they can't see me make-ed

The first time we took our girls camping, my oldest was about 4. The campground had a pool a short distance from our site and I took the girls for a swim. After we were done, we stopped in the bathroom and my daughter did not want to keep her suit on. I took it off her and wrapped her up in her towel to walk back to our tent. Once we got back to our site, but not inside the tent yet, she dropped her towel. I explained to her that it wasn't appropriate to be naked in public. Then to clarify, she asked me, "so they can't see me maked?"

One of the things that really bugged me about our house after we moved in was the window coverings (or lack thereof) in the master bath.
master bath pic from the listing
The large window is not only right above the big bath tub and right next to the totally clear glass shower, but it is also on the front of the house facing the street (one of the few front facing windows actually).
The previous owners had two bamboo shades in the window. They did not completely cover the window and they were dirty and dusty as sin. There was even some sort of wasp nest or something up at the top of the INSIDE of the window!! We finally took them down and put up a curtain rod. Instead of a curtain, I used the fabric shower curtain I bought when we were selling our old house.
The result is actually a brighter bathroom than before and best of all, no one can see me make-ed.

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