Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teacher Gifts

I've been a bit busy lately.   Little babies are demanding.  I saw this on pinterest while I was pregnant and it made me smile.
I'm not sure what my slogan could be now.  I'm such a DIYer I make milk?  Well moo, that is a lot of my day and night.
I do have some things I'm hoping to post soon, like the stuff I got done before the baby was born but was too tired to blog about.  I'm also currently working on a new cushion cover for a thrifted rocking chair in roughly 2 minute increments per day.  And next month we're hosting a family reunion and a very important birthday.  So there is lots to do.
One project I managed to get finished in a timely manner was making teacher gifts for my girls' teachers.  It helps a lot when you find a good idea online and can just copy it.  She even had the flags downloadable.  Thanks Lisa Storms!
Here's how mine turned out.

These were for my preschooler.  We still haven't put the oldest's together yet.  Last day for her is Friday.  I swear we are always the last ones to get out of school, despite starting in August and not having any snow days this year!  I tried to buy cups from and have them shipped to the store weeks ago.  Who knows if they'll ever arrive.  I ended up buying these at Joanns with a coupon, which made them come out to a better deal that the walmart ones.  Inside the cups are lemonade packets, the tag that was around the cup and a note from my daughter.

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