Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paper Advent Village

Day 14
Last year I made a paper house advent. I made a little paper house for each day of December before Christmas and put one up each day. I used Christmas colored cardstock and some bits of matching stickers (to make doors, windows, little trees). I even made a little church. The kids helped me decorate the roofs with "snow" (salt). You can see my little display with white Christmas lights. (I forgot about that part until I found the picture for this post!)

This year I've been a little lazy. I decide to do a 12 days of Christmas village instead.
I got this led paper tree light decoration at Ikea. I thought it would make a good backdrop. Last year I used house patterns from bhg.com. This year, I just googled paper house patterns and found one that had a little brick pattern, doors, and windows included on it. For the snow this year I used salt and some white glitter mixed together. Last year my secret to making lots quickly was using tape to keep them together instead of glue (you have to hold glued pieces together until nearly dry I've found). I also made a row of townhouses near the end! I modified one of the house patterns for that.

These would also make good ornaments and you could potentially make a garland out of them.

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