Thursday, December 9, 2010

Start A Family Gift Exchange

Day 9
It's a little late for this year, but now is a good time to talk with your family or extended family about starting a gift exchange for next year. Last year, we started a gift exchange with my husband's family. With seven kids and spouses and children, it was getting a bit crazy. With everyone's input, we were able to make up a schedule for the next several years. Each sibling has one sibling to buy for and one sibling gets them something.
My family is a bit smaller, so we haven't done this yet. But my sister and I have talked about doing something a little different for next year. She and I are going to each buy something for ourself to be a present from the other. Then on Christmas we'll call each other up to find out what we got for each other.
Other ideas I have heard include setting price limits, doing all homemade, doing a yankee swap, doing a white elephant exchange, or even giving things during the year and none at Christmas to focus more on the Savior at Christmas.
Doing a gift exchange or deciding to limit presents to kids or whatever can help with saving money (less to buy, less spent on shipping) and it can also help make things less hectic at this busy time that is supposed to be special.

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